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Daily Routines - small simple bites to achieve the goals we set

Making progress every single day. To look back 90 days and see a good record of effort and a ton of work done, that would be awesome!

My 2017 Review

With goals set last year, and 12 months past, let’s see what my 2017 looked like.

(Update) WordPress local setup

Do you have customers that have WordPress sites? Do you have a good way to test your changes before pushing them live?

Improving Customer Service and Casting Your Vision

A letter to the team…

Fast sites and trimming bloat

With Google ranking sites based on loading speed (user experience), I ran some tests to see how the projects I worked on compared to the best practice standards.

ELI5 - What is Docker?

Wait, what is Docker?

Let’s talk about the problem first.

Local Wordpress Development Setup

Updated post here (late 2017):

Use sketches to communicate with your team

Working with the team at Sodium Halogen, I get to see their Designtific Method at work.

What web programming language should I learn?

Picking a career and deciding on the skills that you’ll be proficient is daunting task. It feels like you are predicting your future.

App Update: Gift Match

As Christmas heads our way, families and team members are creating lists for gift swapping.

Managers: How hiring is just the tip of the iceberg

For a great culture and a team that brings results, hiring is just the beginning. Yet, let’s start there.

A Comfortable Team Culture

Apart from bad culture fits, each person can feel comfortable in a team. It all depends on the elements of the environment so that everyone can feel comfortable.

Improve: phone support

Whether your company is outsourcing your phone support overseas or not, please improve your phone support.

Project Management with Asana

Here is how I achieve high productivity and project manage teams using Asana.

April 2015 - Smoothie King Marketing Campaign

This campaign was focused on increasing awareness of our retail while promoting our smoothies. Every customer that comes in gets a sample of a energy drink, protein bar, or some Smoothie King snack.

How to make GIFs on your phone

If you haven’t started using animated gifs in your emails to customers, you should. It’s the best way i have found to standout in the sea of other emails.

Project Manage Your Team and Self | TLDR

Here are the questions I ask to keep myself productive. I’ll also share a video next on how I use Asana, project management tool, to orginiaize my team, work and self.

My 2015 Goals

Here is what I have so far. Yeah, I’m still developing my goals for this year. Don’t judge. :)

The Living Breathing Imagination

When you set a goal your mind won’t stop in helping you achieve that goal. Your creative mind turns on to help you achieve what you have set out to do.

5 Ways To Create Urgency In Your Product or Service

I have a new project in the works and it’s based on a physical product. I’m thinking of different stream of revenue, and this topic of urgency hit me. I figured others could benefit from this brainstorm.

TLDR: How To Create Urgency For Your Product or Service

There are two ways to create urgency to get people to jump on your train.

Workflow: work browser setup video walkthrough

Here is how I setup my browser for work quickly.

How to setup your browser for work quickly

Here is the way I have stored my common tabs for work. I also do this for writing and other businesses I help with.

Imagination: How you reach your dream.

Yes, work is great one day, then the next you’re in a lull.

Hourly pay is dead: 4 areas to look at to value price your customers

If you need an introduction into value pricing, check out The Businessology Show. It’s a must.

Strategic Business Card Ideas

When I created my new business cards the experience helped me think of how I can be more strategic next time. Maybe these will spark some ideas for your next business cards too.

Creating the logo for Medina Buzz


homepage update - reduce bounce rate

I updated the homepage on Jan 3rd 2014.

New strategic business cards


4 Steps to build an onboarding process for new team members


13 Ways to onboard new team members easier and faster

I have interviewed and hired hundreds of team members. Once they have been hired, getting team members to a point where they feel comfortable and productive takes time and effort. I’ve found a few crucial things to do that can make the onboarding process easier on you, your company and even the new team member.

Ownership Template

Own your opportunities Own your ability Own the risk Own your results Own your mistakes Own your apologies

Why great bosses want you on their team

And why most people are scared to get in your way.

Ownership brings and requires flexability

When you own the business you have flexibility. When you take ownership of your responsibilities at work you’ll need flexibility to make things happen.

Less choices reduce bounce rate and increases conversions


Ownership trumps education, experience, and residency

Want an opportunity at more flexibility? Want a chance at more income? Want some space to work on building something big?

Reasons working at night seems more productive

No one else is awake, and therefore there are less distractions.

Gift Match App - One page app to match gifts for giving


When a boss asks you to ask for a raise | TLDR

I’ve challenged my team to all ask for a raise in 2015, and here is what I said.

TLDR Blogging - Write Quick Helpful Posts

Write a smaller version of your post to peak your readers interest. Save them time.

Project My Sales App


Faster Audiobooks Tip - Listen to books really fast


One Man Show - A Personal Approach


Having "Bigger Than You" Goals

A method I share with my team is:

Contextual Gifs With Snow Gifs

It’s winter, close to Christmas and I couldn’t resist getting some new gifs in. I even added a little snow to them. I figured why need be contextual to the season with my gifs.

Email Signature Creator


The Create-Validate-Iterate Dashboard Sketches


Iterating off of the Lean Dashboard


How to make your own gifs : TLDR

How I made this gif on my Mac…

How to make email and customer service personal

Want to make things personal for your clients?

Skydive 2014


Car Detailing Service Business Model

For those that get a kick of finding business models, well, I wrote this for me and you. Some work or seem like great ideas. I don’t want to enjoy these alone and I think they should be shared. These business models might give someone the edge they need someday. I hope they take it and run with it.

T-Shirts for Productive Web-Dev Nerds


Effort To Minimize the Office 2014

Some of us enjoy moving items around the house or just in our office’s to experience a new beginning. Part of shifting things around just feels good. It is also helps in cleaning the area up while giving that fresh start feeling.

Quick Shots: Snow Day Video

cover-image After a few days of just looking at the snow I decided to get out his morning and take a few video shots and put them together. It may be just for my benefit but I hope it’s worth watching at least once.

Working Remotely: The quick good and bad.


Snow Day Special - Smoothie King in Jackson, TN

Well everytime it gets cold around here the smoothie sales go down and that makes our team super sad. My wife, Molly Smith, helped craft these posts to be relative to the Oscar winner film Frozen, by Disney.

Personal Mission Statement

cover-image personal mission statement creator Here where you can purchase the Personal Mission Statement Worksheet.

Get in touch

Feel free to PM me on twitter @chance_smith. I don’t bite :) Cheers!

Books for 2014

If you are into marketing and business strategy these are the ones that have blown me away. It’s been hard but I have been trying to consume less and create more. We moved in Januray and I got serious and threw(gave) away have half of the books on my bookshelves.


#products i use/love


Here are the current projects I am working on.


I have a wife and son that are my top priority. I really try to give them all I have left after 5pm. Here is the rest…

Motivation for Success

Welcome to the new year…again! The big 2014. It’s time to role up your sleeves! Ready to do something different? Are you ready to find some success with your ?

Start taking action this year and read my Traites of Successful People posts.

Option 1: Read each awesome motivational post.

Killer Traites of Successful People

  1. Know what your purpose is.
  2. Know your Mission - Create a Mission Statement
  3. Measure what you are capable of, and others too.
  4. Sets your Goals
  5. Regularly evaluate yourself.
  6. Give consistant attention & action to your values
  7. Accomplish your goals
  8. Quite giving a crap of what others may say or think.
  9. Know the definition of a priority
  10. Willing to do something different - Be unrealistic
  11. Help other people (--less talking and more helping--)

Option 2: Download all posts to PDF.

Option 3: Read the Condensed Version of the Traites of Successful People.

Find Success & Stop Caring What Others Think

When you have a dream, an idea, or a passion you just need to go for it. Most of the times when an idea comes to mind I always blow the reaction of others out of proportion in the negative way. I think the idea is great but I’m scared what they might think.

I think the idea is great but I'm scared what they might think.

A trait of a successful person: Do not care what others may say or think

It is important to seek the guidance of your spouse, friend, or mentor before taking a big leap. Yet, do not let them completely sway you.

When should I NOT care what others think? When your idea is… -something that you have a passion for -Legal -Fair to others -Helpful to one person or many (yourself included is ok) -Financies are available (no debt allowed)

Fear is not a reason for you to not continue. I love the part in The Pursuit of Happiness where the son puts out and tells his father he wants to be a pro basketball player. Will Smith(actor) selfishly, and out of protection, tells his son that he shouldn’t go that route because of genetics or personal failures. This is a very popular scene and very motivational! If you haven’t seen this movie I highly reccomend it and recommend you not watching this clip. Go ahead and rent it on Amazon or iTunes and see it in full.

[video type="youtube" id="GQlzz6jGCfI"]

Do you feel you are able to get past the worry of what other will say about your ideas or performance? How would you overcome the fear in the future? Leave you comment here.

Success Takes Action

My wife thinks her day is cursed if she writes her todo list down. Once it hits her paper she believes that it will not get done. I have to agree that I have this problem from time to time. If I just fly by the seat of my pants I can get a whole lot done that I didn’t have to plan for. Now there are two parts to this and I hope you take these ideas and turn them in to a action plan of your own.

A trait of a successful person is a person that: Accomplishes the Goals They Set

What if I get more done without a list? Great! You are like the majority of the world, all of who do not have lists. Though you are getting a lot of things accomplished through your day you didn’t have a goal in mind. You didn’t have a plan. There was no moment in your day where you can say, “I got everything done that I planned to do today!” You only say, “I got a lot done today!” Both of those phrases are great to say when the day is done. You did get something done. Which some can’t even say that. You need to have a goal to hit, a larger moment of success, and the guts to push yourself to the limit. Your list that you write or type up every morning can help with that.

Why do I fail at my todo list? You really think you are failing todo lists? No, not really. You suck at accomplishing you goals. You need to make your todo list a priority. If you need to start a book, workout, and finish a sales report before the day is up you need to do them now. Maybe not now, but before lunch. Either you are a firefighter and keep getting interrupted or the items on your list are not as high of a priority to you as you thought. I think you know the answer and I think you know you have what it takes to knock out your list.

Why else could I be failing? -Your list is to long -Your items need to be broken down into smaller steps -You can’t track or measure the goal in mind -Maybe you lose your list or the dog ate it

How do I stay motivated? -Write your list every morning -Make your list simple and small (three-five items) -Keep the list with you and look at it often -Track and measure your success -Encourage your spouse or friend to join you(No competing. Encouragement only)

Here is a tool(worksheet) I made to help list daily and weekly goals that you can download.

Your thoughts? Leave your comment here.

Put More Attention & Action into Your Values

Distractions and laziness leads to our poverty, failures, and unhappiness no matter the case. If we do not plan for the future, set goals, and stay focused we will be here tomorrow. We will be standing in the exact same place we are today, tomorrow. For our lives to change we must change! This post helps with setting goals, “If You Don’t Have Goals You Plan To Fail.”

A trait of a successful person is one who: Puts More Attention & Action into their Values

The same amount of attention and actions put into our plans need to be in our values also. I remember my earlier leadership years and the choices that were brought to me.

My Failure Example: Respectfulness -“I would not answer the phone when a Team Member would call while I was at home. My leaders never did the same thing so I wasn’t going to answer my phone either. I was in MY TIME.” At that time I was being very disrespectful! They were at work, while I was out and about on my day off. They trusted me to give them everything they needed to do a great job. They were at work doing what I asked them to do and I was not doing my part. It sickens me to think of it now. I make a great effort now to answer my phone, call back, email back, and text back as soon as I read it. I put more effort into giving my team players the respect that I desire and want to give.

My Success Example:

TeamWork/Honesty - “Hey Chance, I need some help could you come in for a bit?” I got this a lot at the restaurants that I managed. The choice was hard when it is your day off. It’s harder if you just got off work and you are asked to go back. I knew that there would be situations in this person’s life that they will be called to come in and this was a great time to be an example. There were cases that I couldn’t but I made sure that I when I could help I was there. I also expressed a happiness to help and be there while I was there. They already know I rather be doing something else with my time away from the job but I wasn’t going to show the slightest bit of frustration. Teamwork and honesty is the value that I have my attention set on.

These happen to be more leadership examples but my actions had the same intention. Since my many failures, I have wanted to take action to my values and pay attention to the decisions I am making. I evaluate my progress daily by comparing myself to my mission statement. Your mission statement sets your values for your life and keeps you on track.

You don't need a plan B, because it will only distract you from plan A" - Will Smith

Your only plan is your mission statement. Build your Mission Statement and put some action into your values.

Interviewing Kids: What I Learned & Tools I Used

[video type=”vimeo” id=”67363229” hd=”true” width=”650”]

Project Details

I had a blast interviewing these kids for the upcoming VBS. First Baptist Church(link) in Henderson, TN is using the Lifeway material this year, “Colossal Coaster: Facing Your Fears.” The children’s directer, Molly Smith(link), wanted to get a video made asking the kids what they feared the most.

Interviewing Kids Tips

Give the kids plenty of time to think about their answers prior to the shoot. Ask 2-3 questions to possibly provide more final content. Smile as you ask questions to spread the fun, to get them to smile back.

Fun Questions to Ask Kids

  • What does your Dad do for a living?
  • How long does it take to cook dinner?
  • What is your mom's favorite thing to do around the house?
  • Where do you work?
  • How old do you have to be to drive?

Should Have Done This Instead

We had small groups of kids line up to do each interview. After the fact it might have done us more good to only grab one kid at a time. We were getting a lot of answers repeated. They seemed to be feeding off the last person who interviewed. It would have been better to ask the kids an hour or two prior to the interview of what they feared. Not that these kids are unintelligent, they just need time to dig a little instead of coming up with their answer on the fly.

We needed the mic closer or used a lavaliere mic(lapel mic). We never tested how much closer we could have moved the ZoomH4n to the kid.

I like how the shot came out so cool but my lighting was a mess. It would have helped to do some test footage. That’s what I get for being in such a hurry.

The last thing to make the shoot better would have been to grab the tallest kid first. It would have helped line up the camera so the scene would never move. Some times seamless isn’t always possible. Oh well.

Tools That Were Used

  • Nikon D5100 - DLSR Camera ([easyazon-link asin="B004V4IWKG" locale="us"]Amazon[/easyazon-link])[easyazon-image align="undefined" asin="B004V4IWKG" locale="us" height="22" src="" width="30"]
  • ManFrotto 290 - Camera Tripod ([easyazon-link asin="B004MKNJFM" locale="us"]Amazon[/easyazon-link])[easyazon-image align="undefined" asin="B004MKNJFM" locale="us" height="30" src="" width="16"]
  • Manfrotto 804RC2 - Tripod Head ([easyazon-link asin="B000FJ4XP4" locale="us"]Amazon[/easyazon-link])[easyazon-image align="undefined" asin="B000FJ4XP4" locale="us" height="20" src="" width="30"]
  • ZoomH4n - Portable Audio Recorder ([easyazon-link asin="B001QWBM62" locale="us"]Amazon[/easyazon-link])[easyazon-image align="undefined" asin="B001QWBM62" locale="us" height="30" src="" width="30"]
  • On Stage MS7701 - Tripod Boom Microphone Stand ([easyazon-link asin="B000978D58" locale="us"]Amazon[/easyazon-link])[easyazon-image align="none" asin="B000978D58" locale="us" height="30" src="" width="25"]

Life: How Much Fat Do You Have?

Now I will admit that I have never had a fat percentage problem but possibly it being too low. In my high school and college days I easily was hitting a 4% body fat percentage. I’m thin and fit and I blame the results on my genes and the gym. I know, I know! Everyone hate me!

May 2013 Motivation Package

Download this Month's

2012 Motivation May Wallpaper Package

These are simple backgrounds that I always wanted on my own computer. I wanted my desktop screen simple and motivating. I would find pictures that weren't great quality, distasteful, or didn't fit my screen. With the resolution I have selected and found this to be beneficial size to use. I hope this little supplement to your technology helps this month! Challenge yourself this month and memorize the quotes. I make a effort to memorize as many as I can. They are great for reminders of what I need to be doing. I'm not pumped everyday so this is why I use these same wallpapers on my own devices. (Download Link)

csorg-motivation-sample-may-2013-1 csorg-motivation-sample-may-2013-2 csorg-motivation-sample-may-2013-3 csorg-motivation-sample-may-2013-4

Need more motivation this month?

My Past 2012 Motivation Reading List

(Amazon Affiliate Links)

[easyazon-image align="none" asin="0307465357" locale="us" height="160" src="" width="107"]  [easyazon-image align="center" asin="0399152334" locale="us" height="160" src="" width="106"]  [easyazon-image align="center" asin="0982986270" locale="us" height="160" src="" width="108"]  [easyazon-image align="center" asin="1433669331" locale="us" height="160" src="" width="107"]

If You Don't Have Goals, You Plan to Fail

Goals give you steps to take. Completed goals creates growth. When you grow you succeed.

A trait of a successful person is: learning to set goals.

I used to play games and watch TV, like most high school and college students did. Season after season of sitcoms and SNL. It was a easy past time. These avenues were also a huge culture activity to soon discuss over the next lunch break or in classes throughout the week.

What a waste of time! I could have been a genius with that time alone focused on one subject. Even with the time I have now I still have to fight off the cravings for the easy time killers. How can I expect to be better, do more with my life, or drive that sexy red car I want? Seriously, am I going to turn off the TV and find it all right there in front of me? These millionaires didn’t lay that nest egg. They built it out of sweat , headaches, and having a vision with goals.

“That sounds so glamorous Chance!” You’re right it sounds gross. It sounds like we may get hurt and turned down a lot of times when trying. It’s sounds like a lot of work.

Where you are now shows how long you have worked and how much effort you have put into it. Want to be greater? Keep going.

You have to write your goals down.

I have three tools that I use to set goals to get things done. If you don’t write them down you have not committed to doing them.

Tool #1 –> Daily To Do List

Make a super small list of the things you need to get done. I use a postcard everyday and write down the things I need to get done today.

Tool #2 –> Project To Do List

I keep a constant list of things that I need to get done in certain areas of work. As items come to mind, or need to be added, the list builds. My projects don't change often and this helps me manage project related tasks.

Tool #3 –> Weekly Goals

I could completely focus on the day to day objectives but having this Goal list every week helps be aim a little higher. This is a must try if you aren't ready for the other tools quite yet.

Download them all with the Productive Motivation Tools.

Advanced Productivity Batching Strategy

[easyazon-image align=”right” asin=”0307465357” locale=”us” height=”110” src=”” width=”73”]You guys might have played around with Tim Ferris’s batching technique from his Four-Hour Work Week book from 2007(Picture is an affilate link). The book thrives on getting a lot done in a small amount of time. He finds success in completing a full batch of one  task that you would the typically do daily, weekly or month. That way you can wait till the work builds up and then just cram it in 3-4 hours. This strategy is wonderful and I have put that into my workflow for a lot projects.

Batching in Practice

I do daily finaces for a local business. I have an agreement that I can wait until the week is up and do all the past 7 days at once. One report by itself takes about 7mins. 7 reports takes me about 30mins. You do the math. I save 17mins every week not doing the reports daily.

You might be wondering why I care so much about 17mins. You are right it is not that much time. But when you get in the pattern of doing one task for the next 1hour or 2 days you start to build some momentum and efficiency.

You can capitalize on this practice of batching and kick it up a notch. I have begun bridging the gap between staying caught up and getting ahead.. Turning the productivity knob up to an advanced method.

The Advanced Productivity Method

Do a few simple tasks in the morning that you can’t batch or that boost your energy for the day. Next take today and tomorrow to a new level of insanity/intensity and only focus on one thing you can get caught up and then get ahead.

If you focused on one task for 2 days how far could we get ahead? A week or month? That would be awesome! Especially awesome the the work we struggle with the most.

Then do it again and again. You might be able to go on vacation for a month or work on your dream for a week.

Decrease your stress by getting ahead.

Feed the Bear and You Will Know Your Limits

Feeding a bear? Now that sounds fun! I am scheduling a trip this year if you would like to join me. There is a signup form at the bottom for the “Bare Hand Bear Feeding” trip. Hope to see you there(sarcasm).

Maybe you are the person we all want to be and have done such a daring task and can live to write the tale(please leave your story in the comments). Yet, for the rest of us, that is a monumental moment of confidence and a crazy comfort zone challenge. Each task that you do that takes you to your limits is a bear feeding moment. You are putting yourself to the test and that needs to be measured.

A trait of a successful person is: being able to measure what yourself and others are capable of.

Knowing where you, your friend, or team will peak at is a huge assest. You can choose wisely if you know what is possible. You can begin to know these limits and capabilities by doing the following:

  • Listen and watch your friend or team members for areas of interest or success
  • Know your/their comfort zone
  • Encourage comfort zone challenges, don't push

You might fail at climbing a rock wall, but going the same path the second time might bring better results. Put yourself to the test and you will build room for growth.

Create Your First Mission Statement

Before I wrote my mission statement, or even knew what one was, I didn’t know what to do next. I was reaching at straws for my next step.  If an idea came to me that would be my next step of action. There was no reason or purpose to by focus. This statement has changed my direction and habits of life immensely.

Ready to build your own now? Download your Personal Mission Statement worksheet

What is a Mission Statement?

Mission Statement most likely reminds you of some generic statement on the wall of your company lobby or some highlighted phrase in your hiring paperwork. This statement was the focus of the company. Most CEO’s or executives don’t know their mission statement that their HR director created.

A mission statement are your:

  • skills
  • passions
  • dreams
  • values
  • goals

Why do I care?

With those all wrapped up in a short statement helps you decide what to do with your life. It shows where you should work, what you value, where you want to be, and where to grow yourself. Having a mission statement is a trait of a successful person. Successful people make decisions based on their mission statement everyday and every hour.

Ready to build your own now? Download your Personal Mission Statement worksheet

Building Motivation Muscles for Purpose

Welcome to the new year! The big 2013. Knowing that another year has past there is always a growing passion to do better this year. There isn’t a huge shift in our lives on the 1st of January but we all are touched to innovate our situation. We want to make a change and finally show who we can be. We see this new year a turning point. It motivates us!

Motivation. Now that we can feel a little spark in our lives again let us get after what matters. We aren’t just motivated for motivation but we are motivated to be successful. So what makes a successful person now that the replenishment of motivation has once again returned?

You need to find your purpose This is no easy task to complete. This takes trial and error weighed against lots of action. As you may know my way through life starts with logic and lists. I need to know the routes to take and let me decipher from there. I recommend trying the following and answering the questions.

  • Read Proverbs and Ecclesiastes from the Bible. - Very short reads with great insight on wisdom. Wisdom leads to better paths and great decision making. I read a chapter of these two books every morning after my feet hit the ground.
  • Volunteer your time in an area that your are skilled. A level of purpose comes through you serving others. Responsibly give the little you have and you will find you will receive more than you could have stolen or struggled for.
  • Find a problem. Find a solution. Create a plan. Help to solve. This is where you mind will find creativity and excitement. You need to workout this creative muscle. Most likely where you find the problem you will find a area your purpose will fit.
  • Answer these questions after you have done the above:
    • You were created for a purpose. So what do you need to accept about yourself to accomplish your purpose? (Why are you holding yourself back?)
    • What tasks do others tell you you are great at or thank you often for?
    • Are you doing work that is "thank you" worthy? Are you giving excellence in what you are doing?
    • Are your friends always encouraging you to grow? Should you change friends?
    • What are you learning now? Your purpose will arrive when you do. Your purpose will begin to grow when you decide to.


Help the reader:  What is it that you do to find your purpose or happiness in life? What brings you closer to your purpose?

Tackle Yourself First: Forge the Confident You

Tackle Yourself First: Be intentional about your success. When you make the smallest attempt to feel better, look better, or be better… you will! With the best intentions, you can fake it until you make it!

  • Diet-  (No coke for a week, no eating-out for a month)- We all relate healthier decisions to better/smarter decisions. We are aiming for a successful feeling! Those efforts lead to more successful actions and more success feelings. See the pattern?
  • Sleep (scheduled times, 8-9 hours) - I find that I wake up so much happier when am doing something productive, exciting, or anything I am passionate about. Late night TV or Games kills my next-morning energy. Get a steady amount of sleep and focus on your passion.
  • Hygiene (shave, nails, clean haircut) You could just put on a nice button down and jeans. Make a effort to clean yourself up so you can stand confident in the mirror. Confidence doesn't waste the night away but it creates oppurtunities for more confidence.
  • Fitness (stretch, walk, run, lift....) Clear your mind with a little sweat detox. Hit the gym like you can bottle up your sweat and sell it for cash. Get out of the house and move around a little.

Change is how you get better results. The old ways work right? Maybe it’s time to try to find an older way! Please don’t apply this to your hygiene. :) Just stick with the basics. Keep yourself simple!

The idea is to investigate a better way and then try a different route if you aren’t getting results.

Your failed attempts are overlooked if you’re giving it everything you have.

Motivation: Growing Strength, Smiles, and Perspective

We just got back from our yearly travels to see our families. We are very happy to be home again though. We got our Christmas tree up, thanks to my wife, and watched Polar Express and Arthur Christmas. Still need to finish Arthur Christmas tonight. It was a glorious date night together with popcorn and “hot hot hot, hot chocolate.”

Seeing the tree and the movies are so uplifting! Some years are harder to be happy about the holidays. Whether it is stress from work or family relations, these areas get us down. It is so important to know that we can do nothing to make work better or a families more sain expect for changing how we feel about them. I have the control of myself to help Joe create better email campaigns but I can’t control him to do it. I can’t get my uncle to shut up but I can be find ways to enjoy his company. I am the problem, but I am also the solution.

Realigning perspective is what the holidays are for. There are many ways to find motivation to get things done and find happiness along the way. Happiness comes after the feeling of accomplishment that comes after getting things done and done well. Bake a perfect and tasty pie and you will smile. Send a genuine Thank You card and it will build a warm fire in your heart. Walk a mile and you will have found the down time you wanted. Down time can come from your accomplishments too. You will find no accomplishment out of doing something half way. Think before you stop early.

Find your motivation this week. I use Pinterest for my own Motivation Candy. I enjoy podcasts, books, and magazines too. These sources give me ideas on how to do a task better. I find that other peoples’ success gives me motivation. Keep looking for what motivates you because it takes strength to get past today.

Productivity: One Thing At A Time

There is so much to do this week with work, traveling, family, and Thanksgiving  The one thing to have every morning is a todo list, if we are going to get everything done. Whether we make a list for the week or one every morning, it’s best to have a method to the execution of the list. The first step to our productivity is planning where we want to be by the end of the day.

Before the week is completely over, check out my sample weekly todo list post.

My biggest concern is completing the list. I won’t deny that it is difficult. I know I have a successful week ahead of me when I have a quarter of my weekly list done within the first two days. I highly recommend that you start with a small list so you can find success and motivation to push yourself a little more next week.

The biggest task I have to conquer every week is the task of one. I find myself working on two or three at once. I put myself in a unending juggling act. It works so mcuh better for me to do one todo item to completion. I feel more productive and accomplished having the opportunity to mark off something form my list. The faster I can check mark a item done the more energized about the rest of my list.


Stick to one task until you have done all that you wanted to finish for the week in that area. Block out the time it will take you took finish it. Aim to have no interruptions during this period. You will finish the marketing plan for next month much faster if you don’t have to deliver yourself from distraction every 20mins.  Now you have less to do on your list and more accomplished.

Find some motivation with my Monthly Motivation download. I have the new one coming out the first of next month.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tackling Yourself First: Not the Results

As I go through the day and dealing with all of the projects I have in the air, I feel that I am struggling to win. The desire for a perfect website layout, business model, or blog post is always imminent. I am in need of just focusing on a few things. I also need to take on these few tasks with small burst of intensity. As we know the hard part is not getting results but getting us to do what we need to. We fight perfection, overwhelming todo lists, and distractions all day.

“How” is more important than “complete” or “completing.” The path is just as important as the destination.

OK, enough with the proverbs. It is best to tackle one task at a time. Use these scheduled times, you set to work on your task, with intense energy. It’s also great to take down ideas about other tasks as you think of them, but do not dwell on them. Just write down your ideas and get back to the project at hand. Try those few ideas on for size and commit the next three to memory.

  • Nothing Has To Be Perfect- It will never be complete. Remember that! Come to grips with that. If you want to tweak it later that is OK. Think of your projects as friends. If you cater to their needs when they need you, your friends will give back to you in return. Give yourself a stopping point, either by time or task. Post it! Good enough is OK! Your projects will not do anything if they sit on the shelf. Procrastination = waste of time.
  • Make A List Of Tasks For Today- Make a list of 2-3 things you need to tackle and put them in your pocket or on your desk. Make it your goal to finish them before you eat lunch. Lunch can be your reward.
  • Stop Interruptions- Communicate your need for 2.5 hours without interruptions. Let everyone know you are clocking out, so that you can clock in. Emergencies are possible but they should be super rare.

You’ll find the results you want when you get yourself under control. Remember these as you roll through your day.

Nothing will be perfect but it can be done well. If I don't have a todo list for before lunch my day is shot. I need large amounts of time without distraction to be productive.

What do you struggle with the most: Perfection, overwhelming ToDo lists, and Distractions?

Required Excellence is Rewarded?

I had one of my managers ask me a question last week. “Could we give a reward for the team members that do their tasks perfectly?”

NO WAY! That is the worst idea you have ever ever had!

I was nicer than that. I promise. Yet, I was taken aback. Let me catch you up to what I mean.

I don’t give incentives for what is required and neither should you. Therefore it would be silly to give a bonus for doing what is required with excellence.

Would you pay your child more if she got her homework done every night? Would you pay her to clean her room? I surely hope not. They are supposed to do those things as being apart of the family. You are fead, bathed, and under a roof everyday. I personally should have not had any further expectations.

You should not give incentives for excellence in the required

Now until I got a job I received an allowance. I got $10 a week for a clean room.  I feel I learned that doing required tasks well was the key to success. Instead , maybe I should have been taught that when you make something better, learn something new, or help someone in need you can make a income. After it’s all said and done though I wish I had done more academic things for income. I know how to clean a room now because of my handsom allowance, but I think I would have learned more by studying for cash. I had a hard time in school and that made things at home rough. I was either earning cash for my talent in room cleaning or I was earning LESS pressure if I did well in school. I chose the former and got a job over great grades. I feel like now doing chores was what I was taught to earn income. I wasn’t taught to make things better or learn great new things. It’s true that one can make a income by doing their work with excellence. But the ones that make the big mucks do the following:  They…

  1. Do something beyond their responsibilities
  2. Solve a problem or fulfill a need.
  3. Educate themselves in a study to be better
Do you give a carrot for excellence in the required? or Do you find more logical to give merits to those that can raise the bar?


Digesting this: Series

Could it be that I have read over 150 Non-Fiction books in the past 5-6 years?

Set Weekly Goals Today

[dropcap]As[/dropcap] you can see my list is just beginning. It can be long at times but I recommend staring small to you can complete it. I went over a little goal setting information I had gathered from the EntreLeadership book post.

Leadership: She is Still Here?

“No, really! She is still here?”

Top 5 Learnings from EntreLeadership

EntreLeadership: 20 Years of Practical Business Wisdom from the Trenches

September & October Monthly Update

Two months in one! Sorry, I let time get past me and procrastination get the best of me. I am always trying to be more productive and yet things just don’t go as planned. I’m up for bat now and ready to go. So I’m going to forget my lack of __, __, and ____ and just move forward. I am sure there are many titles we could give ourselves but lets just stick with the positive.

Monthly Update August 2012

Well, August is here! I am rather excited! Besides the burning desire to end my summer class I am ready to embark on a few more business ventures, while I continue what I have. I have a few clients that I need to tie up loose ends with on website development. But I have been trying to reach out to a few older clients and help them on further developing the webspace they I helped them construct. So lets start with a few things I started in July and still working on.

July 2012 I am fitting well into the work and school life from home. The remote work I am doing is very very educational. In case you are wondering, I do not work in my pajamas. I wake up and take a shower as usual. I feel I need to get up and get ready like I always did. There is still a great feeling of success when you are dressed for comfort and professionalism. I make a effort to not wear anything too casual though. Something I would workout in or lay out on the couch, if I was even consdered good at that, is not appropriate in my eye. So, here is where my time has been lately.

Wolfgang Computer Service (Link) I still take on clients and have been working on websites primarily. My design is still simple and to be less graphic intensive as possible. Minimalistic is a great way to describe what I try to implement. I am still hashing out the major parts of the new website and hope to finish it this month. I am wanting to make the website as helpful as possible by giving instructions to fix common technology issues. I also aim to reduce the amount of calls I receive by placing my hourly rate on the home page. Calls asking my rate and what I do are the larget time wasters and I want to give my time to my customers that value their own time as well.

Better Job Landing (Link) This has been one of the most exciting ventures thus far! Ideas are constant on how to develop this business but blogging for it has been more difficult. I still enjoy the information and still let leadership material consumes the majority of my education outside of school. I am working on more resources for the growing traffic and subscribers here, for this is my fastest following growth so far.

Extra Projects I have created this blog and my wife’s, but there are two other domains that I have done as well. I don’t want to skew the traffic results by revealing their domains but will give you the idea. These two sites are “niche sites.” Their main purpose is the gather a crowd of people that are interested in that topic and products and give them the best. The results aren’t staggering at all. The primary goal right now is to try this out. My wife has joined me in on this and we have built her own for experimental use. If you wanted to count traffic, she is beating me so far. This has been fun and very educational.

Education Speaking of education, I absolutely love to learn. My wife and I always have three books on our nightstands and I always have a slue of podcasts and audio books to listen to. I have been learning and tackling Keyword Research and Search Engin Optimization (SEO) mostly. These skills are important to my customers and for my own sites. I need to be better in what I am doing and this has been huge lately. Again…blah blah…..I have have been working on this summer class and it has taken a good chuck of my mind lately. I will say I learned a lot about my research topic that I had for school, haha. Riveting, I know!

Productivity This has ben a focus for me and wanted to push it to the blog. I have had so much trouble of staying focused and having all this time at home. It can sometimes be hard to keep your mind on the project at hand. I have been active in the area of how I can produce the most in the smallest amount of time (speaking of minimalist). Spending time with my wife is important and and building my income at home is the challenge. I am trying to tackle both with great intensity. For the majority of my time I feel I am not in the groove when the best opportunity arises to work or be with my wife. I am much like my mother and hate a regular routine. In my attempts to be productive I have done the following:

  1. eat something for breakfast every morning (within the first 30mins) There is much need in stock piling your morning with high protein food for the body and mind. I know how I run on empty, thumbs down! Be productive by giving yourself the right fuel.
  2. check email only twice a day It drove me up the wall to look back on my day and notice all I had been doing is responding to email after email. I treat all my emails as urgent and now I do it two times a day. Once right before lunch and once before my wife comes home from work. Try this for two days. Really! Set up two reminders on your phone to check the your emails then. Notice how much time you spend on your email and use your extra time on your current projects. It is too cool! Wait... It's even better when you are doing what you love!
  3. silence my phone in all ways except for calls, my ringer is sudden and not something that is going to jolt me. There is so much interruption of my mind every time my phone goes off. I still place a importance to returning texts and calls as fast as possible. I want to make sure that anyone that calls me knows that I take a large effort to get back with them fast. I was very bad about this in the past. I promise if I see it on my phone you are the next thing on my list. A missed message or missed call is a priority pusher.
  4. write down the 2 things I need to accomplish today and do them first You could have 20 things that you need to do but let us not overwhelm ourselves. Take the two most important, the oldest, the biggest and do them today! I was horrible at this the first three weeks of this past month. This comes with practiced discipline and so does productivity.

Books I Read I am not impressed with this list and have a few I have already finished this month. My sad excuse is school, which has picked up recently. Blah blah! No reviews but I my favorite by far was [easyazon-link asin=”0307465357” locale=”us”]The 4-Hour Workweek[/easyazon-link].

  1. [easyazon-link asin="1400052920" locale="us"]The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy[/easyazon-link]
  2. [easyazon-link asin="0470267585" locale="us"]The Five Temptations of a CEO[/easyazon-link]
  3. [easyazon-link asin="0307465357" locale="us"]The 4-Hour Workweek[/easyazon-link]
[easyazon-image align="center" asin="1400052920" locale="us" height="160" src="" width="103"] [easyazon-image align="center" asin="0470267585" locale="us" height="160" src="" width="103"] [easyazon-image align="center" asin="0307465357" locale="us" height="160" src="" width="107"]

That has been a wonderful month for me and I am excited about this one. Please lift up a prayer for my wife Molly. She is dealing with a rough time right now and needs all the prayer she can get. I will have you readers in my prayer and wish you the best! Cheers!

This New Blog: The Seal Breaker

My mind has been bursting at the seams and so has my Evernote account. I have been journaling all my ideas as they have come to me. I feel that in the past if I didn't take note of an idea instantly the ideas would stop coming. My brain would stop producing once I deemed it unimportant to take note of it's work or revelation. I am now at the mercy of my own ideas and productivity and can't let either dissipate or time disappear from me. I have been reading a lot on propper time managment and striving for more and more productivity within the smallest periods of time. I have to admit that this has not been a easy task.

Example: I now only check my email twice a day, spending only one hour total in my inbox instead of every five minutes trying to respond to every seemingly important email. This also includes putting my text and email tones on my phone on silent. Life saver! I feel that alone has decreased my stress and increased my efficiency ten fold. An Auto-Responder in GMail has made this seamless and I have not received any negative feedback from any of my clients, friends or family. If there is a emergency please call me.

More of this kind of stuff to come.

I have recently started two new projects to add to my portfolio of multiple streams of income. Hmm, that sounds way more professional in compared to the amount of excitement I experience and fun I have for each niche. So far I am claiming Wolfgang Computer Service, Better Job Landing, and Smoothie King my current running projects. I will be adding more details about all of these current and future projects to this site once I can gather the finite purpose of this portal.

To keep this short this is a new blog that I wanted to create and for it to be a hallway or fork in the road to the projects I am working on. I have a few categories of interest for the posts on this site and I can’t wait to get started.

I wasn’t sure where to start posting but I thought a small explanation wasn’t a bad idea. I want to thank my wife, Molly Smith, for all her kind words and encouragement. She has had to listen to me so many times about idea after idea. I hope to bring her some relief soon to her bleeding ears. I want to include my family as well and thank them for all the support, especial from my parents, grandparents and uncles.

Enough with the sappy stuff and lets get going. I wish you much luck, give you much prayer, and want to thank you for your time. I hope you find this a great resource of many sorts. God Bless! Look at the Home Page.