Here I have built a web application that creates email signatures based on a static design. The design would need to change for each company or individual but…yeah, this is for an agency or web developer that happens to make a email signature.

#Demo links

#Why? A Sodium Halogen client made a request for us to design and code them a email signature. They needed 7-8 different signatures for different team members.

With the number of signatures needed I asked these questions:

  • Will they need more email signatures made in the future?
  • Could I give them a tool for them to create their own?
  • Could that tool be rigid enough so no one could alter the design?

The answer was yes to all three. Thus an app is born.

#Who uses this app? A company that want’s to keep a consistent email signature. They want to give the power to team members to create and implement their own email signatures.

#Aftermath What do you think of the app? Would you like me to setup an email signature creator for your company?